Welcome to the Petal Pot - we cover Britain . . . in flower petals

Ethical Dilemma?

If you are planning an event or celebration and want an environmentally-friendly confetti shower you can purchase real flower petals from The Petal Pot and be assured of the following:

  • 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • the petals are not bleached and/or dyed
  • air-dried petals, using no power - unlike the resource-hungry freeze-dried process
  • packaging made from recycled material wherever possible

Our Range includes Rose Petals, Lavender Flowers and our hand-blended Mixed Flower Petal Confetti, together with a selection of petals and colours to complement particular colour schemes.

The petals in our Mixed Flower Petal Confetti - rose, marigold, sunflower, lavender and everlasting - have been chosen for their traditional links to love, longevity and protection.

All our petals are available unscented or delicately fragranced with a blend of jasmin and rose oil and have excellent flight characteristics for superb photo opportunities.

Loose Petals

  • environmentally friendly real rose petal confetti
  • biodegradable real mixed flower petal confetti
  • eco-friendly real marigold petal wedding confetti
  • environmentally friendly lavender wedding confetti
  • biodegradable real flower petal handfasting confetti
  • eco-friendly real flower petal confetti
  • environmentally friendly real flower petal handfasting confetti

A selection of petals and blends, available in different quantities, our loose petals allow you decide how to present them to guests and stay in control of how far they go - your options are only limited by your imagination! Visit Our Range page or choose specific petals from the drop-down menu above.

Extravaganza Range

environmentally friendly real flower petal confetti
A cost-effective solution for celebrations where a large number of guests require throwing confetti, our Extravaganza Range can also provide for table decoration in addition to confetti for smaller gatherings.

Petal Pots

biodegradable flower petal confetti
Our Petal Pots are completely biodegradable at the end of their life. Placed at the venue door, your guests can take a handful as they return outside. After your celebration use them indoors for fruit, plants or bulbs, or outdoors for plants and herbs - far more eco-friendly than plastic pots which end up in landfill!

Individual Bags

real flower and rose petal confetti
Real flower petals conveniently packaged in fine white Organza Bags with satin ribbon ties. We offer pocket-sized bags and also larger ones which contain a pint of petals - simply open the box and hand them out! Also available in a range of colours.

Flower petals naturally come in only a few colours. Most of the multi-coloured rose petals on the market have been bleached then chemically dyed. Ours have not.

Our petals are dried naturally by sun and air.

Freeze-dried petals are not eco-friendly: frozen to -40 then held in a vacuum for 2 weeks, constantly using power - not environmentally friendly in our book!

Freeze-dried petals will lose their shape quickly if floated in water, eg with candles, and become mushy. Air-dried petals will float for days.

Preserved petals have been treated with a solution of glycerine and dyes and are more likely to stain if they come into contact with moisture.

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