Our Quality and Service

real rose petal and flower petal confetti

We take great pride in the quality of our real flower petal confetti. We couldn't have been in business for this length of time if we sold anything less than a product of distinction.

All the petals are sorted by hand and double-sifted prior to mixing in combination, if required, with scented oils of rose and jasmin to produce our own original hand-blended mix. The petals are also supplied unscented, if preferred, and in any colour combination or single types.

The delicate and natural air-drying process ensures that the petals retain the original vibrancy of nature's own colours and this method of preservation also wards against petals becoming slippy underfoot if scattered along the path of the celebratory party.

Furthermore, unlike the expensive freeze-dried petals that are available, our naturally dried confetti does not need any power-hungry processes for its production. It is also robust and not at all brittle when handled and has excellent flight characteristics. It will stay as fresh as when it left our farmhouse for many weeks if kept in a cool, dry, dark place.

real rose petal and flower petal confetti

Over the many years during which we have been supplying our real flower petals for occasions ranging from weddings to village carnivals, and to customers as diverse as the aristocracy and rock bands, we have never missed an event.

We believe our confetti is an excellent, natural product at a sensible price, and a fitting solution to the mess left by tickertape and artificial materials.

Event arrangers, venue managers and ceremony organisers can all take advantage of a beautiful tradition which will enhance any occasion.


Flower petals naturally come in only a few colours. Most of the multi-coloured rose petals on the market have been bleached then chemically dyed. Ours have not.

Our petals are dried naturally by sun and air.

Freeze-dried petals are not eco-friendly: frozen to -40 then held in a vacuum for 2 weeks, constantly using power - not environmentally friendly in our book!

Freeze-dried petals will lose their shape quickly if floated in water, eg with candles, and become mushy. Air-dried petals will float for days.

Preserved petals have been treated with a solution of glycerine and dyes and are more likely to stain if they come into contact with moisture.


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