Rose and Marigold

A lovely, simple yet effective, combination of our rose and marigold petals
environmentally friendly real marigold and rose petal confetti
biodegradable real marigold and rose petal confetti

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eco-friendly real flower petals, rose petals, confetti
Flower petals naturally come in only a few colours. Most of the multi-coloured rose petals on the market have been bleached then chemically dyed. Ours have not.
Our petals are dried naturally by sun and air.
Freeze-dried petals are not eco-friendly: frozen to -40 then held in a vacuum for 2 weeks, constantly using power - not environmentally friendly in our book!
Freeze-dried petals will lose their shape quickly if floated in water, eg with candles, and become mushy. Air-dried petals will float for days.
Preserved petals have been treated with a solution of glycerine and dyes and are more likely to stain if they come into contact with moisture.
  • sold by the pint - easy to calculate quantity required
  • available unscented or fragranced with rose and jasmin oils
  • 100% natural & biodegradable - no bleaches and/or dyes
  • air-dried - no use of power unlike freeze-dried petals
  • sorted by hand and double-sifted for quality
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